My foremost interest is to capture the essence of each person, couple or group that I photograph. I love to get inside and tell the story of the people or scene that I see unfold before me. To that end, I take the time to get to know my subjects/clients and discover who you are so that we can create a fitting portrait, illuminating who you are in your best moments.

I pride myself on putting people at ease, making you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Your experience in front of the camera should be enjoyable so that you feel free and unselfconscious while we work together. I try to establish a lively engagement with my subjects to appreciate and reveal each unique personality and highlight that essential spirit.

Being photographed should be fun. It is vitally important to me to make that honest connection in order to create great pictures.

I am also adept at working quickly and unobtrusively with larger groups during weddings and other events to get the shots that tell your story and capture the spirit of the day.

I have been a photographer nearly all my life. For the last 30 years, I’ve worked as a cinematographer, a lighting technician and an on-set photographer in the film and television industries in New York City. As a member of the International Cinematographers Guild since 1990, I am well versed in applying the formal aspects of photography in visual storytelling.

I currently live in the Catskills with my wife Lisa.